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Are Your 2017 Resolutions Dead in the Water?

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and I hope you’ve got your resolutions off to a good start.   You probably know that by this time each year most people are failing or have given up on their resolutions and goals.

Need Help?  If that sounds like you then I suggest you head over to Mind Body   This site has you covered with a video on how to set resolutions that stick and a free resource guide of tools and sites to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

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Do You Know…. What You Need to Know?

Here’s a pop quiz for you:  Give this a bit of thought.  Do you know:

  • The 5 Things it Takes to Succeed Online?  or
  • The 7 Things You Must Include in Everything You do Online? or
  • How to Cover Your Ass (ets).

I guessing not.   Most people don’t have a clue and that’s why hardly anyone is successful in online businesses.  By the way, those questions are actually the titles of the first 3 chapters of “Need to Know“.  There are 12 more with equally interesting titles and content, over 100 pages.  Author, Paul Meyers is what I call a wordsmith…  he’s got a real knack for explaining things and no nonsense approach to online business success.  He tells it like it is.   He’s been the Publisher of TalkBiz News since 1998, and has created in incredible number of books, trainings, and products and has been the mentor of many well know internet marketers.

I invite you to accept a free copy of Need to Know with my highest recommendation.   I’m pretty sure Paul is the guy who coined the word “freemium” because I happen to know that you will be very pleased with the amount of actionable  content that will come your way when you get your copy of Need to Know.  Go now!

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How to Repackage PLR content as Video

Repackage Your Old Content as Video

Do you have PLR, Power Points, and videos, or even new content filling up your hard drive?   You know, the stuff you had great plans for but never got around to doing.  If so then a new service will organize it with menus, links, and a professional package giving it an appearance thats ready for prime time.   You’ll find this new service over at WebVideoExpert.   Here’s a video that shows you whats up with that:  Repackage Your Old Content as Video



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Cutting Edge HTML5 Player Introduced

What’s the biggest issue with Internet video right now?

Its the real time problem of creating a video and wanting your video (usually an mp4) to play on PC’s, Macs, IPads, Androids, and smart phones.  All without creating a dozen separate formats.  Just creating an mp4 doesn’t solve the problem.  You need a smart video player that recognizes your device.  You need one that plays with every browser. You also need one that doesn’t cost hundreds of bucks. Here it is!!!

Go take a look, you’ll immediately see a half dozen ways to use it.   Its an HTML5 player that ensures an A+ viewing experience across devices, platforms, and browsers.  HTML5 or Flash? Wordpress or regular html sites?  No worries.

Plus.. It plays from a bulleted list into a popup, from a grid of many videos into a popup, and of course it will play a single video, plus a lot more.  Great demo page!   I doubt you’ve seen this flexibility anywhere before.

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Really, Really Bad Video


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No Cost Income Stream

Update: The original version of this post was 2 years ago.  Truth is nothing has changed when it comes to building a list.  You gotta have one if you expect to profit in internet marketing.

I’m late to this party as I purchased my copy of the real guys list building product almost a week ago.  Put it on my digital shelf and didn’t get to review it until this morning.   I love the fact that its video based training (17 in total) plus it covers the best of the old techniques but primarily focuses on all the new techniques to build a list in 2013.    By the way, this was put together by 3 very successful marketers with reputations for over delivering.  They have years of experience in building 6 figure lists.   I could say a lot more but you need to see if it would work for you. No Cost Income Stream!

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